Bring decentralized solutions
for leading blockchain networks

With Raizer, you can trade tokens & manage yourself wallet on the top blockchain networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain

Raizer Wallet

We created Raizer Wallet to help users easily check the balance of the wallet, support for signing.
With raizer wallet you don't need to log in multiple times for one session, we support you set a password to be able to use your wallet in one session.

Raizer Bridge

An easy way to bridge cross-chain assets.
Raizer Bridge is a service to provide gateway Counterparty tokens to other EVM based chains as an ERC token

Raizer Swap

RaizerSwap is a decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain uses an AMM model, that allows user to exchange tokens, provide liquidity, and engage in farming.
RaizerSwap is a great choice for everyone because of its convenience, fully decentralized, and very easy to interface with.
Decentralized Exchange
We create a token exchange having the same user experience as other stock exchanges that helps you approach Raizer in the easiest way.
Every time a new block is generated, all orders that have the same price will be matched by counterparty system immediately.
With you being control of your own wallet, your assets are protected from hackers attack.
Information security
Transaction and message signing will be processed at clientside
Full-control wallet
Passphrase generated is also your wallet. We don’t store any personal information.
Remember Browser
We provide you methods to encrypt and store your wallet on browser.
01 Tokenizer
Currently CounterParty tokens can't be directly traded to BTC, which makes trading process unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming (Token → XCP → BTC).
Using Tokenizer method, Raizer helps exchange BTC to BTC Token more easily with the exchange rate of 1:1.
02 Detokenizer
After making a transaction on Raizer, you can change BTC Token back to BTC any time you want. This process is automatically undertaken by the system.
Detokenization fee will be calculated based on the amount of Raizer Token you are holding, as follows:
Amount Raizer Token holdingFee
Less than 10,0003%
10,000 - less than 50,0002%
50,000 - less than 100,0001.5%
More or equal to 100,0001%
The whole detokenization fee will be used as "Buyback RAIZER".
03 Buyback RAIZER
All the detokenization fee will be used to create a Buyback RAIZER order on RAIZER/BTC market. And whole of these tokens will be burnt monthly by being sent to a provably unspendable Bitcoin address (Burn address).
Current buyback pool volume: (Included broadcast fee)


Estimated next buyback order at block:


Normally, the buyback order is created each day. Kindly track it here:
RAIZER burned:


Burn address: